Extrication Training with stabilizationNorth Shore Fire/Rescue is committed to providing the best possible service to those who call upon us. To accomplish this, our members must be proficient in the many different facets of service we provide. The Department considers training an extremely important aspect of our service delivery, as it serves as the medium for our members to develop and perfect the skills required to deliver on our commitment.

Training Responsibilities

As part of the Operations Division, the North Shore Fire Department (NSFD) Training Bureau is managed by Battalion Chief Eric Riechert. A Captain, one on each shift, is responsible for training on his/her shift. Captain Brian Wisniewski is responsible for training on Red Shift, Captain Tim Keller is responsible for training on Blue Shift, and Captain Peter Ziegelbauer is responsible for training on Green Shift. These individuals develop, prepare and deliver training with the assistance of many members throughout the organization.

Field Training

The NSFD Training Bureau provides field-level training for current department members. Multiple formats are used for instruction. A department-wide training (DWT) format is utilized for training that is applicable to all members and/or extremely specific in nature. Company-level training formats are used for lessons that can be replicated multiple times and completed in small groups. 

Fire Academy

The NSFD Training Bureau also provides fire and Emergency Medical Services (EMS) training to newly hired firefighters through its Fire Academy. This six week academy runs Monday through Friday from 0800 to 1730 hours. Although the schedule is grueling, it provides newly hired firefighters with the skills and knowledge required to become Probationary Firefighters with the NSFD.