Please note, you will need this AHJ number when registering:  WIA11423

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North Shore Fire / Rescue is committed to reaching full compliance with our Fire Code, Prevention, and Community Risk Reduction efforts. One of our strategic goals is focusing on the readiness and conditions of fire and life safety protection systems throughout our business community. These systems are the first line of defense if / when a fire occurs; saving both property and lives. The reliance on our department knowing whether or not these systems operate properly will increase your and our community's compliance and reduce high risk situations.

As a property/building  owner, occupant, manageror other responsible party, part of your obligation includes taking a proactive role in making sure your location(s) are fire safe. Having fire and life safety systems tested, inspected and maintained (ITM) on a frequent basis, assists in reducing the impact of fire at your location and in our community. In additionit is the requirement of our jurisdiction to receive documentation that these inspections have been performed and you and your systems are in compliance.

In order for our department to receive timely ITM reports from your hired service providers (i.e. inspection companies), we have implemented an electronic ITM Reporting Solution, (IROL). IROL's web-based platform allows service providers to submit ITM reports directly to our department on your behalf; streamlining the entire process.

This program is a requirement for all service companies performing ITM within our jurisdiction (Bayside, Brown Deer, Fox Point, Glendale, River Hills, Shorewood, Whitefish Bay). 
In order for your business to remain in compliance, please make sure your hired service provider is submittinany/all /TM reports for your fire and life safety systems through the IROL platform.

IROL's Program also provides the ability for you, the business/property owner, to register and receive any inspection performed at your location, or multiple locations, all from one central and secure web platform. There are NO fees to register or use IROL's ITM Reporting Solution as a business/property owner.

 We highly suggest taking the time to learn more about IROL's services and solutions by visiting or contacting IROL at or calling 331-454-7800

IROL's proven process provides benefits for our entire community:

  • Ensures fire and life safety systems are operational and functioning in case of an emergency
  • Increases frequency of repairs through deficiency remediation
  • Assists in ensuring licensed service providers are performing quality ITM
  • Provides ability for our community to lower its Insurance Rantings as well as your individual business's insurance premiums.
  • Increases compliance.
  • Overall builds safer environments for our firefighters and the people who live, work, and play in our community.

Fire and life safety is a shared responsibility between our department and its constituents. We consider ourselves leaders in seeking and implementing services and solutions that will keep both property and people safe. We thank you for your collaboration in this effort.