Cadet / Intern / Explorer Programs

The Cadet Program

The Cadet Program, established in 1996, is open to juniors and seniors from high schools in the North Shore area. Our goal is to teach what the fire service is all about, not necessarily to make firefighters out of these young men and women. Some of our cadets have gone on to a firefighter career; others have taken completely different paths. All have felt it was a worthwhile endeavor.

The Cadet Program Coordinator, Battalion Chief John Maydak, works closely with the cadets and their high school counselors. This is a graded, Monday through Friday internship. Although no wages are paid, the Department provides the necessary fire equipment. Cadets also have the opportunity to take Firefighter Level I & II and Emergency Medical Technician Basic courses at Milwaukee Area Technical College.

The daily routine begins at school taking regular academic classes. Afternoons are expected to be spent at the Fire House. The North Shore Fire Department has five stations and Cadets rotate between stations regularly. Cadets report for duty and receive daily assignments from the Shift Lieutenant. An afternoon can include a multitude of activities: reviewing the Cadet Handbook and working on the quarterly assignments, cleaning, fire inspections, public relations activities or even cooking. Cadets are allowed to observe the day-to-day action by riding along on calls on any of our apparatus: Trucks, Engines, Tenders, Med Units, or Ambulances. There is an obligation to the shift to be at the scheduled firehouse on time and ready to help and learn. Cadets must call in sick just as they would if they were employed by the North Shore Fire Department. Cadets are expected to take initiative with this highly respected program. Dedicated Cadets show they are sincere about this program by going out of their way to offer help on evenings, weekends, or holidays.

Firefighting cadets have the opportunity to acquire the following skills:

  • Firefighting Skill/Performance - Ladder work, roof work, fire suppression, ventilation, scene composure, knots, SCBA (Self Contained Breathing Apparatus) and team work.
  • EMS/Basic Life Support Skills - CPR, medical emergencies, trauma, orthopedic splinting and shock management.
  • Fire Prevention/Inspections - National, state and local codes, building construction, inspection procedures and public education.
  • Department Standards - Record keeping and report completion, customer service, attitude, health and safety issues and grooming.
  • Interpersonal Skills/Public Relations - Attitude, decision making, team participation, work habits and quality of work.
  • Station Work - maintenance of quarters, observance of safety procedures, cooperation and maintenance of reports. Become a member of the shift on a day to day basis.
  • Planned Personal Development - Physical fitness, education and certification.

If interested, please contact Battalion Chief John Maydak at jmaydak@nsfire.org. An application, biography listing your personal interests, and a release signed by your school and parent or guardian is required.

The North Shore Fire Department: Explorer Post 705

North Shore Fire/Rescue, in conjunction with the Boys Scouts of America, sponsor a Fire/Rescue Explorer Post. Exploring is a chance for youth and young adults to explore careers in fire and emergency services.  Explorers range in age from 14-21.  Explorer Post 705 is an active post, meeting twice per month to learn more about the Department and the services provided.

What does an explorer get to do?  Explorers attend meetings that are organized by career firefighters that also function as advisors to the post. During meetings, explorers discuss how the Department operates, upcoming events that the Department is participating in and different operations that the fire service performs.  Members are also given the opportunity to receive hands on training with some of the equipment that the firefighters use. Once qualified, an explorer can perform ride-a-longs with the on-duty shifts, attend trainings, and go on calls during these ride-a-longs. 

Explorer Post 705 also participates in Fourth of July Parades, National Night Outs, Fire Safety Public Education Month, and the annual Explorer Challenge that the Department hosts for the neighboring fire exploring posts. 

Who should I contact to learn more about Explorer Post 705? Contact Firefighter Jeremy Boehlke, Post Advisor, at jboehlke@nsfire.org.