Code Compliance Assistance

Many questions arise from owners and occupants of properties as a result of the fire inspection process. Typical questions are:

  • Can you offer a more complete explanation of the nature of any violations? The answer is ‘yes’. The Fire Marshal would be happy to review and explain the pertinent code that is in violation.
  • Would you offer alternative solutions to bring violations into compliance with the Code? This seems to create the highest level of frustration to callers. The most common statement is “Just tell me what I have to do.” For liability reasons, Department members are not permitted to design corrections to any facility. We are able to offer comments and review any suggestions you or your contractor may have.
  • Can you allow additional time to make the necessary corrections to become ‘code compliant’? Additional time is usually not a problem, provided the owner/occupant has demonstrated that they have taken steps to comply or can demonstrate why more time is needed.