Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  How do I dispose of my old fire extinguisher?

A:   Accurate Recharge in Milwaukee will dispose of your extinguishers at no charge (414-464-1870).  For more information on how to discharge and dispose of your extinguisher, follow this link:

Q:  Where can I find Brown Deer's fire code ordinances?


Q:  What do I do if I'm having difficulty scheduling a car seat installation?

A:  You can schedule a car seat installation by clicking on "Schedule a Car Seat Installation" on the home page of our website in the "Quick Links" section.  If you have technical issues or have not received a response in a timely manner, contact Battalion Chief John Maydak at 414-357-0113 ext. 1512.

Q:  Can I have a grill on my balcony?

A:  Grills and other cooking appliances are not permitted on balconies or within 10 feet of any structure or overhang at grade level.  Gas fired and electric grills are not allowed above grade at all, not even for storage.  Brown Deer residents can find fire pit regulations here.

Q:  Can I have a fire pit in my back yard/ are open fires allowed?

A:  With the exception of the Village of Brown Deer and Whitefish Bay, no fire pits or open burning is allowed.  Please see the Brown Deer/Whitefish Bay ordinance language for specific requirements.

Whitefish Bay:  Open burning is prohibited unless.....  "A device for the burning of wood that is equipped with a metal hood and screen that completely encloses the area where wood is burned so as to prevent embers or sparks from exiting the device."

See link below for full code language:

Whitefish Bay: Backyard fire pits

Q:  How do I arrange a station tour or public appearance for block parties?

A:   For station tours contact Battalion Chief John Maydak at 414-357-0113 ext. 1512.  For an appearance at your block party, contact your nearest fire station by calling 414-357-0113 and wait for the prompt.

Q:  How do I get an inspection for my CBRF if the State DHS is mandating it?

A:  Contact the Fire Marshal at 414-357-0113 ext 1511 to schedule an appointment.

Q:  Am I required to have a carbon monoxide detector?

A:  All residential properties regardless of size are required to have carbon monoxide detection in place per Wisconsin State Statute and DSPS 362.1200.  See the "Carbon Monoxide Detector Requirements" flyer below.

Q:  What fireworks are legal in WI / North Shore?

A:  The rule of thumb is if it goes up or blows up it is illegal in Wisconsin.  Sparklers, smoke bombs and snakes are the only fireworks that have been identified as legal in the State of Wisconsin and the North Shore.  Please keep in mind, just because they are legal does not mean they are safe.  i.e. sparklers burn between 1200 and 1400 degrees and cause third degree burns.