Requirements for Permit Application

1. Permit Application

Construction/Occupancy (PF-116)
Fire Alarm  (PF-218)
Sprinkler (Water-Based) (PF-316)
Alternative Suppression (PF-416)
Hood & Duct (PF-416K)
Flammable Finishes (PF-516)
Tents (PF-616)
Outdoor Burns (PF-716)
Hot Work, Demolition & Misc. Permits (PF-816)

2. Plans (Fire Alarm, Sprinkler, Building, etc.)

  • Plans are required for any interior alterations other than cosmetic. (Changes in occupancy only do not require plans).
  • Where required, a copy of the State Conditional Approval Letter shall be included with a copy of the State-approved plans (>20 devices or heads, etc.).
  • Only one set of plans is required by NSFD. Any additional copies desired, should be submitted with a self-addressed stamped envelope for return.
  • For complete instructions for fire alarm installations, repairs and modifications, click here.

3. Fees (as calculated on appropriate permit form above):

  • Check payable to NSFD
  • Credit Card (click payment button below).  Service fees apply.
    • Include payment receipt with submittal


  • Mail (North Shore Fire Dept, 665 E. Brown Deer Rd, Bayside, WI 53217  Attn: D. Flint)
  • Electronic (all electronic plan submittals must be combined into a single PDF)
    • Burn all documents to CD
    • E-mail to if file size is <7MB
    • If file size is >7MB, must use drop-box product
  • Drop off at Bayside station

Customer pays any applicable fees for payments with credit card.