NSFR Strategic Goals for 2018


At NSFR, we truly enjoy celebrating the holidays with our community. And while we always get into the spirit of this joyous season, we're also busy planning important initiatives for the upcoming year. Therefore, we continue to look ahead and design strategic goals to serve your needs in 2018. Below, you'll find a list of the key goals that are now being finalized. These crucial objectives have been selected to improve the safety and financial stability of the communities we protect and serve.

Bystander CPR Rates

According to the American Heart Association, when bystanders help victims of cardiac arrest episodes, the rate of survival can double or even triple. NSFR is focused on improving how community members can immediately assist those in the midst of cardiac arrest. By enhancing the department's Hands-Only CPR Training Initiative, we want to increase this rate to 30 percent. In addition, we're focused on bringing the public Automated External Defibrillation application to 9.5 percent.

In order to make this life-saving reaction easier, NSFR offers the PulsePoint mobile app, which alerts you whenever someone in your vicinity is struggling with a cardiac arrest related crisis. Through this mobile technology and NSFR's training, you can help those around you survive. The training takes only minutes and no certification is required.

Our Shared Services Program

Protecting our communities while managing costs have always been essential concerns at NSFR. We're constantly looking for ways to improve our services while being mindful of costs. Therefore, the department with its mutual aid partners is adding new technology to improve the Milwaukee County Fire/EMS Shared Services Program. The Milwaukee County Fire/EMS Shared Services Program provides responses to emergencies from the closest fire/EMS resource, no matter what community they come from. This means quicker response times as well as a reduction in property damage.

In 2018, NSFR in conjunction with our shared service partners and the Milwaukee County Office of Emergency Management will establish two-way electronic communication between 911 Dispatch Centers. This step will automate the selection of the closest available responders, instantly communicating that information for the swiftest response times. Our goal for next year is to ensure you, your neighbors and the families in nearby communities all receive emergency care as quickly as possible under every circumstance.

Building Repairs

To be ready to respond to your needs, our fire stations must be functional and in good repair. Currently, three of our facilities require improvements. Over the past several years, NSFR has been determining the best way to integrate these projects into our long-range financial goals. In 2017, we completed this plan and we hope to update two of these stations during the 2018 calendar year.

In Conclusion

NSFR is committed to responding to emergency situations effectively and efficiently while always respecting the use of your taxpayer dollars. Our strategic goals for 2018 have been chosen to ensure this continual dedication to providing you with quality care at the most minimal expense. We wish you happiness and health during the holiday season and look forward to serving you in the coming year.