Why bring a fire engine to an inspection?


Did you ever wonder why the fire department brings a fire engine or ambulance for a fire inspection of a business property?

I am sure many of you have, because North Shore Fire/Rescue Firefighters are often asked this question. North Shore Fire/Rescue crews conduct fire inspections when assigned to a fire engine or an ambulance so they can remain available for emergency calls for service that they may be needed to respond to. As you might expect, calls for emergency services such as emergency medical or fire calls are not predictable, so, in an effort to maximize the productivity of our staff, they conduct these inspections while not responding to calls for emergency service. If the firefighters that are conducting the inspections weren't using the fire engines or ambulances for transportation to and from these inspections, they would have to return to the fire station and then respond to the call for service, resulting in a delayed response at a time when seconds count. Annual fire inspections of every commercial property in the seven communities protected by North Shore Fire/Rescue are mandated by the State of Wisconsin and are meant to proactively find hazards that may result in a fire, cause a small fire to rapidly grow larger, impede safe egress of occupants, or cause injury to occupants. Each local community and the State adopt ordinances/laws that outline the actual violations. The codes are available for business owners and other related parties on municipal websites, or can be obtained from North Shore Fire/Rescue. If you have questions about the fire inspection process, please call our Fire Prevention Bureau at (414) 357-0113 Extension 1511.